Our scarves:

Our unique jacquard scarves are designed and woven in an artisanal

atelier in the South of France, made of organic cotton and washed with

the famous 'Savon de Marseille' - traditional vegetable oil hand soap

which has been produced for nearly 600 years. 


Each year Létol introduces two collections of scarves

with delicate line, rich colors and original patterns. 


Behind our labels:



France terre textile label proves that your scarf was made in France.


Verifies contribution made to the environment and local economy.



   Létol stands with Reduce Reuse Recycle principle. Find your nearest recycling point here.


This Sowatt label guaranteers the fact that we use only green energy in our production process.


Why they love Letol

"I love the brilliance of color, always a surprise to open them and see the intricate detail."


Lauri Carleton

"Colors and patterns are exception. Also, the features I most love is the organic cotton and the washing process that makes it so soft and pliable."


"The soft colors and combinations with patterns are really appealing!"


Lara Crawford 

"Designs are different than others; the quality is superb the designs sophisticated."


Colleen Bawman